A Breezy Story

Tortuga has set sail! We celebrate what she has done for us, but as we explored what once was Breezy Point Inn, its rich history and storied past, of German food, Oktoberfest, and so much more, a surprise awaited.

We go back 21 years, the Bailey Family had just purchased an historic home in West Milford, built in 1867 on one of the highest points of land where legend has it, Native Americans once made camp. The Baileys began a journey to bring back this piece of history as they built their life and future. 

Sifting through the layers of history in papers, books and charcoal portraits of those gone before, revealed a colorful historic tapestry including orchards, land records and many family pictures on slides. There were a few letters between the friends and family back in the day including one postcard from around the year 1910. The postcard showed a young girl sitting on the steps on a dirt road with the house behind her in all her original glory. Above the girl is an arched sign with three words that would, in 2018, take on a huge significance, Breezy Point Villa”.

Jump to July 3, 2018 The Bailey Family just bought the most iconic location in and on Greenwood Lake, a place with a rich storied history, where people have been drawn for over 150 years, “Breezy Point Inn”.

In an effort to make a big splash in Greenwood Lake, a name change seemed like a good idea. Lake chatter was supportive, folks applauded, it was time for a change. The Bailey family certainly brought change, with a new ‘seafood, shore food, good food and grog’ menu. That, and a bright new look with a lake blue deck, and lavender painted trim, announced the arrival of Tortuga!

It was a great, albeit short, first half season. It rained almost every weekend, yet folks still came all through until Veterans Day. As free dinners were served to the true heroes of our country, the Baileys decided it was time to shut down for a few months and do some much needed renovations.

As bits of history emerged, the story of the building, a rooming house way back in the day, then a restaurant and bar added, and in the 1960s the big kitchen and motel were built, crowned by the iconic dining deck. 

The Bailey family, along with long time manager of Breezy Point Inn Miriam Rosenberg, took a second look at the name Tortuga. Sure it spoke of change, but another name for the Breezy Point Inn was already in constant use. Folks everywhere, and for over half a century, have called this historic building, this beautiful location with its fabulous view, “The Breezy”!

The Bailey family poured their hearts into their home, restoring her to her prior glory! They are now charged with breathing new life into The Breezy. It was meant to be.

With love, 

Paul, Aileen, and Morgan 

The Bailey Family