Welcome to
The Breezy!

Restaurant • Piano Bar • Lodging

Now featuring family catering take out!   

A Breezy Story

For 30 years, you knew it as Breezy Point Inn…

Then last year, briefly, it became Tortuga…

But you always called it… The Breezy.

Season Opening
April 2020!

Open for Banquets and Private Parties

(845) 477-8100


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Quality Food

From steamed clams, to sirloin steak and schnitzel, we provide culinary delights that will satisfy every palate.

Creative Kitchen

Our kitchen staff keep open minds, and are always looking for more ways to impress our customers with their creativity.

Piano Bar

Home to the only piano bar in the area, The Breezy features professional musicians performing live weekly.


We have lakeside motel rooms, mere feet away from Greenwood Lake!



The Breezy
620 Jersey Avenue
Greenwood Lake, NY 10925


Tel: (845) 477-8100